Concentric Circles

From the dawn of mankind, there have been explorers among us. Something deep within instructs us to go exploring beyond what we know and into the unknown. Like ripples on a pond when a pebble is tossed in, spreading out further from the center in concentric circles. The center is our home, and the widening circles are what lie beyond.

Our Den Haag Neighborhood

So it was with me. The first couple days we generally stayed close to home, busy with unpacking and settling in. Becoming accustomed to the house that was now to be home. When we initially ventured out, it was usually together. Some combination of Husband, Son, Daughter and me. Husband had been in Den Haag for six months, but the three of us hadn’t. Our subconscious minds were telling us to know the immediate before going further.

As we began to know our house, we moved on to our street. Our street in our neighborhood. Little by little we ventured further. Finding a park, the road toward the beach at Scheveningen, the nearby street of shops and cafes, a musuem, another park, and another and another.

I started venturing out by myself, sometimes with a small map in my pocket just in case I got turned around. I can’t tell you how many times I walked out our front door and turned left when I should have turned right. Or vice versa.  Now I can look at a map of our neighborhood and the general vicinity and zero in on key landmarks and streets. Back then I would have to pore over the map to become accustomed to where everything was.

Slowly I learned there were three tramlines with a total of seven stops within a four block radius. A busline with my choice of two stops. The trams and bus could take me anywhere I wanted: to the beach, downtown, shopping, other neighborhoods, even to train stations to travel further.

Amidst all the errands and tasks of settling in, I would take a break and go wandering. Venturing further afield. I’d take Oli for long walks during the day, sometimes with Husband in the summer evenings. Enjoying the fact that it stayed light until 11 o’clock.

The next day I’d ride my bike along the same path, or go running in the same direction. Retracing our steps, yet always going further. 

Spreading out in every direction, marking the territory with my mind. (Oli would mark the territory in another manner, but you get the point.) Feeling more comfortable each day with where we were on the map of our little world.


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