Five Little Words

I was sipping  my coffee this morning, reading various newspapers and blogs online. I happened upon an advice column.

Now before you start rolling your eyes at the tendency of many advice-givers to deliver their ‘holier than thou’ prognostications, let me tell you. I enjoy this particular columnist (syndicated Carolyn Hax) precisely because she is tough, hard-hitting, no holds barred. She calls people out on their various behaviors, and doesn’t mince words.

Like today. In a response about someone holding back potentially bad news about their health situation (elderly parent possibly dealing with cancer), she wrote five words that struck me like a thunderbolt.

Resist anger and summon compassion.


Now I don’t consider myself an angry person. I’m definitely a ‘glass half full’ kind of gal, always looking for the best in people, the bright side, the positives. Well, almost always. At least usually.

Yet we all can benefit from the powerful message behind this phrase. And it doesn’t have to be anger. It may be irritation or frustration or annoyance. Although sometimes it just might be anger.

Can you imagine how better the world could be? Or your own little slice of it, if you practiced this on a daily basis?

Resist anger and summon compassion.


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