Christmas Countdown

The Holidays

Oh it’s getting to be that time… You know, the time when the list of things still to do is greater than the amount of time in which to do them.

Despite my best efforts to ’embrace simplicity’ and pare down the list, it remains steadfastly robust.

And it needs to stop. Now. I just don’t have enough time to do everything, so some things have got to to.

But what? Not the final grocery shopping before the big day. Too many special items are needed.

I’m fortunate to be done with gift-shopping, but not all of those presents are wrapped. (Although quite a few are, as explained in this previous post.) No choice in wrapping them. Who wants to open a present from a shopping bag?

Cooking? I’ve already trimmed the list of what I’ll be making (with Daughter helping on her special item.) I realize that Son and Husband don’t cook and that may seem sexist. I’ve been teaching Son how to cook many basics, but we aren’t eating ‘basics’ for Christmas Eve or Christmas. But I will put him to work after Christmas. As for Husband, well, it actually IS true that some dogs cannot learn new tricks. So I pick my battles and my tricks I’d refer he learns.

This year I’ve already cut out almost all baking. We’ve enjoyed some different kerstkoekjes (Christmas cookies)from the Albert Heijn and a favorite patisserie. We’ll be enjoying nice desserts from a couple shops on ‘The Fred’. Otherwise, it’s been eliminated.

Christmas cards went out two and a half weeks ago, gifts to family back in the US well before that. (I learned the hard way on the latter.) I was thinking of putting a few more ornaments on the tree, but unless I squeeze it in tomorrow, it isn’t going to happen.

Actually, I’ve learned over the years what is important to my family (and me). Being together, relaxing, watching funny movies and shows together, laughing. We’ve maintained our favorite decorations and foods, but jettisoned all of the extra ‘stuff’. We really do look for the spirit of Christmas.

Back to that list. Not sure exactly what I can trim off it, but I’ll figure it out…


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