I’d Like to Thank the Academy

Seriously, I shouldn’t joke. That’s what you are required to say when you win an Academy Award in the American film industry.

But what do you say when you are an expat blogger, out there in the blogosphere? When someone notices you, it’s a big deal.

When a site like Expat Arrivals notices you? And taps you as one of the winners of their ‘2011 Great Blogger Award’??

Well, if I am TRULY honest, you go a little crazy.

You walk around your house/office/studio/hovel and shout ‘Someone is excited I’m doing this!!’  You definitely scream and shout and pump your fist into the air multiple times. (It looks cooler than it sounds.)

‘Someone is READING me!!’

You do the happy dance in front of your dog.  (Hey, Oli’s been very loyal, and has loved me whether I’ve channeled the ‘blogging muse’ or not. So puh-leeeze do not minimize his role.)

You celebrate and you bubble around for several hours and you really do get excited.

It is a HUGE, MAJOR, BIG deal to have someone even notice you. And when they do so publicly, even better. And that makes you want to say ‘THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU’.

To Stephanie and the great people at Expat Arrivals, and to the loyal folk who have checked in daily and/or commented 0n my blog, I say this: Thank you for following me!

Thank you for deeming me worthy of a smidgeon of your time.

Thank you for your kind, supportive words. 

Sometimes we are all so busy doing what we do that we lose sight of basic civility. Well, I’ve been noticed, I am incredibly honored and filled with gratitude. So once again (in case it wasn’t clear): THANK YOU!!

And if you get the chance, take a look around Expat Arrivals. They deserve our attention.  

(Woohoo! I’m having a Sally Field moment, doing the happy dance and I don’t care who knows it!!)


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