And the Ailment is…

I’ve noticed something about myself recently, and couldn’t quite come up with a name for the condition.

I’ve been busier than ever, juggling more than my share of projects and tasks.

Many are interesting, challenging or just plain exciting.

Others are mundane, tedius or downright monotonous.

You know, the kinds of things that make up our days. We all have them.

Add errands and chores to the list, and it all piles up.

Anyway, I’d just survived two or three hard-charging days where I’d just put my head down and plowed through the meetings, calls and work that needed to be done. I really accomplished a lot. (Yay me!)

But finally on the fourth day, I was sluggish and tired. I was definitely suffering from some sort of lethargic reaction to all that all-encompassing busy-ness. I wasn’t sick, just tired.

My brain wasn’t working at whippet speed. More along the lines of my mind being a bit fuddled. Okay, a lot fuddled.

Unfortunately I still had some things that had to get done. So I plodded through as best I could, thinking I might work my way out of it.

Desperately hoping for a second wind. Or a nap. I got zilch. Nada. Nothing.

And then it hit me.

Have you ever noticed the made-up words that websites will use for security verification purposes before they allow you to post a comment?

You know, those faux words that you have to type into the box to demonstrate you’re a real live human being (and not some spamming scum computer)?

Whenever I see the the strange word combinations offered, it makes me wonder. Who makes up these ‘words’?!?

I realize that the answer is probably not a who but a what, since they are generated automatically.

But still, when I read some of them, I start to think that maybe, just maybe, some are the brain children of some wacky, creative souls who have found what has to be the coolest job going.

Yesterday I had to type ‘DogMata Psychology’. Who even knew there was such a branch of psychology? Certainly not me.

Once I had ‘bee supper’. Sounds like nectar to me, don’t you think? And I’m supposed to believe a computer came up with that??

I’ve also had ‘More Datum’, ‘picksella’, ‘karnsovst’, ‘pandeye’ and ‘lychee pie’. (Can you even make a pie with lychees? I suppose so, but who would want to eat it??)

Anyway, my lightbulb moment came when I was prompted to type this security word: sluggica.

YES! Sluggica. Exactly what I’d been suffering from.

It wasn’t all in my head. I had a bona fide condition.

And now that I know the name of my ailment, I feel sooo much better.

What about you? What are some of the odd words you’ve encountered in the security screening? Do share!


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