Horses and Bicycles, Never Saw THAT Coming

Sometimes we all get so busy hurrying here and there, doing this and that, that we forget to notice our surroudings. In our rush, we often miss things.

When we do take the time to gaze around, we are sometimes rewarded with a little surprise, something unexpected.

Now I’ve written about odd horse-sightings here and again here.

And I’ve written about strange bicycle moments quite a bit, for example here and here.

(It IS the Netherlands, after all.)

So I should have realized that it was just a matter of time before horses and bicycles would somehow converge.

Well folks, they have.

I was driving in the car with Daughter, early evening. 

(I am so thankful that I have someone with me when I see these things, it’s definitely nice to have a witness.)

We were at the very busy intersection of two major highways and the assorted ‘service’ roads that run parallel to each.

We both casually look to our right, and what do we see?

A woman riding her bicycle in the bike lane, moving along at a good clip. Leading a horse on a tether.

So it’s definitely ‘Eyes Open,’ people! You never know WHAT you’ll see.

What’s one of the strangest or most unusual things you’ve seen? You know, where you just had to do a double-take?! I’d love to hear.


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