Sun, Sea, Sand, Voluptuous Curves, Dangly Bits – check

It’s mid-February and the sun is shining so brightly today, I can’t help but be nostalgic for summer days at the local beaches.

Our home is less than a 15-minute walk (or 7-minute bike ride) to the wide beach at Scheveningen. We’ll often walk up to the beach with Oli as dogs are allowed on the beach in the autumn/winter/early spring.

Here’s a typical winter day on Scheveningen beach. The strong winds blowing off the North Sea make it a delight for surfers, para-sailors and the like.

[Note Husband gazing out to sea while Oli enjoys his runs up and down the beach like a possessed madman.] 

But back to my summer reverie.

From late spring to mid-autumn, a favorite weekend activity is to ride our bikes on the fietsen paden north of Scheveningen toward Wassenaar or south toward Kijkduin.

Riding along among dunes and beach scrub, you turn down any one of several paths to the beach and park your bike.

And you’re met with a breathtaking scene like this…

Or this…

You can see the brightly colored sailboats in the distance.

Is it any wonder that I love this place?!?

And yet…

I will confess that on more than one occasion, we have locked up our bikes at one of the strand paden and headed down to the beach, only to find ourselves smack in the midst of an ‘au naturel’ beach.


It seems that it’s known to one and all that the beaches at certain markers are nude beaches. Sorry, guess we didn’t get that memo.

Now Husband and I like to believe we are not prudes. If folks want to indulge in the sun, sea and sand sans swimsuits (say that three times quickly!), so be it.

Of course we never turn around and head back to the bikes. That would be admitting we were mistaken AND uncomfortable. Which we are, and aren’t. Well maybe a little.

So as we trudge along heading for the clothed beaches nearby, we tend to do one of two things.

We remain silent and gaze along the horizon of the sea, trying to look all ‘oh what an amazing view, can you believe it?!’

Or we talk to each other in relaxed yet hushed tones, eyes locked on each other’s, desperate to appear as if discussing some finer points of 18th century world literature or the latest developments in the Middle East.

What about you? Ever find yourself in a surprising or embarassing situation? Oh do tell!


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