Seeing Red, No, Pink

Just when you think you’ve got it under control, you find out you don’t.

I have had the rug pulled out from under me, and I’m not a happy camper.

Sipping my morning coffee, I was perusing AOL news when a headline caught my eye.

(Okay, it was a smaller headline, but it was the title of the article so a headline nonetheless.)

It seems that red is the new ‘it’ color for the upcoming season, as decreed by Stylist fashion reporting of New York fashion week, here.

Whew. Glad to know that.

But then, a few minutes later I saw this.  The Washington Post fashion gurus took a different view to the new ‘color of the season’.

They insist it’s pink.

This is serious stuff folks. The public NEEDS to know which is the true en vogue couleur so that we can rush out and buy appropriately hued cute outfits and cool accessories in the correct shade.

Oh wait, I don’t do that.

But if I DID, then I would absolutely, positively need to know this information.

And now they’re sending conflicting signals.

I’m so confused.

Hmmm. You don’t think it’s some ploy by competing news sources, each attempting to assume fashion reporting supremacy by declaring a different ‘it’ color, do you?

No, I didn’t think so.


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