Alleluia! Alleluia!

Can it be?

Dare I say it?

Be still, my beating heart!

Forgive the melodrama, but this is big. Well, big in these parts.

When ushering Son and Daughter out the door this morning to catch the school bus at the usual 7:20, I noticed something.

Daylight. The sun was up and the street lights were off.

See what happens when you’re away and your routine changes?

Ten days ago we played out the same scenario. Son’s first out the door, followed (if we’re lucky) by Daughter a minute (or three) later.

Some days it’s like playing Russian Roulette. Or rather, School Bus Roulette.

Never quite sure whether the bus driver will wait while Daughter walks the long half block to the bus. (Seriously, it’s a long block.)

When she’s cutting it particularly close, I will stand outside by the green, wrought iron gate separating our teeny ‘front garden’ from the sidewalk. I’ll peer down the street, gauging whether Daughter will make it to the bus stop before the school bus pulls away.

As long as the blinking lights of the school bus are still there in the early morning darkness, she’s got a chance.

Well, it was still darkness ten days ago. Last week we were all enjoying a well-earned respite from this pre-dawn routine.

Today? Daughter headed out the door, with me shuffling behind her, attempting to keep Oli quiet in the early morning stillness.

I got to the gate and looked down the block, anxiously checking whether the bus lights were flashing, when I noticed it.


Each day it gets lighter a few minutes earlier, and stays lighter a few minutes later.

This miraculous development is what gives us glorious summer days that begin before 5:00 am and last well past 10:00 at night.

It’s also what plunges us into mid-winter darkness that, at its peak, hangs around past 8:30 each morning and returns every afternoon by 4:00.

Seasonal Affective Disorder at its worst. (Well, actually that would be in Scandinavia and points even further north, but you get the picture.)

Don’t let anyone kid you about the supposedly awful Dutch weather – the gray skies and the seemingly endless rain. They’re obviously amateurs. Newbies to Nederland

What really matters is the daylight. Truth be told, we’re really a population of sun worshippers.

And rightly so. Alleluia!


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