Misty March Morning

Well, it’s official.

I actually feel like the weather outside looks.

Gray, misty, just plain blah.

Now I happen to enjoy a foggy morning now and then. If you’re healthy, there’s a bit of mystery (as well as moisture) in the air.

But when you’re under the weather (liked the pun, didn’t you?), it’s nowhere near as exciting.

I’m not sure these photos do justice to the mist that hangs in the air, but I wasn’t willing to step further outside.

There’s only so much you can/should subject your neighbors to, so I took the photos and beat a hasty retreat.

It’s no surprise that I finally succumbed to this dreaded ‘crud.’ I believe that’s the medical term for very bad cold mixed with flu-ish symptoms, topped off with a burgeoning possible sidedish of bronchitis. In other words, all around yuck.

Why is it not surprising? It’s March, a month known for its weather and seasonal transitions. Lots of illness of all ilk making the rounds.

Son was sick last week, missed two days at school, and he RARELY gets sick. Seriously, I can count on one hand the times he’s been sick since he was oh, four or so, and still not use all five digits.

I’ve been running around like the proverbial madwoman for weeks, trying to do too much, and eventually it caught up to me.

(Some would snicker here, maintaining that I’m not like the proverbial madwoman, I AM her. Or she. Whichever. The proverbial madwoman. See, I can’t be held accountable for proper grammar in this condition.)

The trip to Antwerp to attend Daughter’s basketball tournament and enjoy some leisurely dinners in one of our favorite cities, while enjoyable, probably didn’t help. I certainly didn’t envision sleeping late or taking langorous naps, and my (lack of) expectations were not exceeded. Pulling the draw of Sunday morning’s early game (well of course it was the team’s destiny – I saw that coming a mile away!) didn’t help. By late Sunday afternoon, it was all I could do to pick up household provisions at Albert Heijn and call it a day.

I thought perhaps going to bed early would help sort things out. Wrong.

I thought keeping my Monday appointments to a bare minimum would help. (I count having lunch to catch up with two talented fellow writers and then picking up the dog from his beloved dieren pension as crucial.) Wrong again.

I did my best to lie low yesterday, doing the bare minimum. I gave a whole new meaning to ‘the bare minimum.’ But I think going to the school-event-that-would-not-end last night put me over the edge.

(For the record, it was an important event, hence my presence. For the sake of the general population, I sat far away from others. I looked as though I were exiled to my own little island. And it was a very nice program. Just a little too long for me. In my present state. I’m just saying.)

I finally hit the wall, and the wall won.

So when I noticed the foggy mist outside, I immediately thought hey, that’s how I feel.

So I’m sitting here sipping tea. (Yet another sign that I’m not feeling well. I’m a morning coffee drinker, gotta have it. I like tea, enjoy a nice cup in the afternoon or evening, but not in the morning. Coffee gal all the way. Unless I’m sick. Then it’s tea in the morning.)

Regrouping. Taking stock. Planning my resurgence, like a phoenix from the flames.

Just as soon as I’m not tethered to my Kleenex and throat lozenges. Hell, I’d settle for a nice nap if I could just fall  (and stay) asleep.


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