Tell Me Again Why I’m Still Up at 1 in the Morning??

The last thing I needed was to be huddled around the laptop watching the UNC-Kentucky game well after midnight.

On a ‘school’ night, no less. Knowing the alarm would ring at 6:30 am. Yet there we were, the laptop screen glowing in the inky darkness.

It’s March Madness, remember?

It had been a typically busy weekend, one where you try to fit in far more activity than you possibly can in the alloted hours.

Of course I’d known that there were a few non-negotiable items on the schedule: some being slightly more strenuous (all the driving to/from and watching Daughter’s cup voetbal game in the rainy dampness on Saturday, a couple fix-it tasks around the house, finish a work project, the usual errands) than others (my insistence on two relaxing family dinners, taking Oli on his first long beach walk of spring, Skyping with my parents back in the US).

What I didn’t get, and desperately needed, was a nap.

I know how pathetic that sounds, but it’s true.

I’m getting over a stubborn cold/virus thing and have been a little sleep-deprived, so I was craving nothing more than the opportunity to curl up mid-afternoon (Saturday or Sunday, either day, I wasn’t going to be picky) and take a delicious, uninterrupted nap.

Sigh… It was not to be.

Toddlers have no idea how lucky they have it. They can basically ‘nap on demand.’ As they grow older, they even have the audacity to try to fight taking naps.

Little do they realize how ridiculous this is. Here you have all these adults who’d practically kill for an hour’s snooze, and these tykes are having tantrums and tear-stained meltdowns because they want to be a ‘big’ girl or boy and forego their nap.

Did I mention that daylight’s savings time was implemented this weekend, causing us to ‘lose’ a precious hour? Talk about adding insult to injury. The ‘anti-napping’ fates were certainly conspiring against me.

So you’d expect that I’d do the sensible thing and go to bed earlier on Sunday night. Try to undo some of the sleep deprivation damage of the previous days.

Well, you’d expect that, but you would be wrong.

The Carolina game didn’t come on until just after 11 pm our time.

So much for going to bed early. It’s March Madness. And it’s the Heels. In the Elite Eight. Against perenial powerhouse Kentucky. I’m just saying.

As expats, we can talk about opening ourselves up to new adventures, trying new experiences, embracing cultural differences. It’s what helps us become a part of our surroundings, not apart.

But we also need to recognize and honor those rituals that hold great value in our hearts. It’s what helps us remember who we are, where we come from. Blending the old and the new into the now.

Sometimes, an expat’s gotta do what an expat’s gotta do.

Even staying up way past her bedtime on a Sunday night, after a busy weekend and on the cusp of a decidedly busier week.

Even if it means there’s hell to pay come Monday morning. (And oh yes, I am paying today!)


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