30-Day Ultimate Blog Challenge

/Greetings on this fine April morning!

The sun is shining (always a plus in Nederland), the weather report calls for another warm, beautiful day.

Having such great weather several days in a row, without rain? Amazing.

Over a weekend? Meant to be celebrated. Savored in all its richness. Enjoyed to the very last minute when the sun finally sinks below the horizon.

Ah the possibilities!

You can probably tell that I’m already well into my coffee. Between the glorious sunlight and the caffeine, I’m full of energy. Raring to go.

Let’s hope I don’t burn out by mid-afternoon.

I had to be up at o’dark thirty (or at least it felt like that) to take one of my teens to catch a bus headed for Belgium. Daughter is participating in her first track meet, ever. Against five other schools.

Now she’s a talented athlete. Her body seems to intuitively know just how to move, while many of the rest of us are still trying to figure out which foot goes where, or what to do with our arms. She picks up new sports and skills easily. 

So I know she’ll do just fine. Or not. She confided that she hadn’t been able to practice her starts in the running blocks, and is hoping she doesn’t slip or stumble.

Either way, it doesn’t matter, because she knows it’s a great learning experience. She likes having the chance to try new things, appreciates that her school culture is inclusive. A place that encourages everyone to join in.

She has a basic faith in herself, that she’ll do her best and give it her all. And if that’s not enough, that’s okay.

Watching her head toward the bus, chatting and laughing easily with a couple friends, I know she’ll have a good time. The camaraderie of the bus ride to and from the track meet, getting to know her teammates better, are but two more benefits.

As I sit here now, pondering her upbeat attitude, I think about the Ultimate Blog Challenge that I’ve signed up for. Thirty posts in thirty days. Just pen to page, fingers to keyboard.

I first learned of the Challenge on Jo Parfitt’s site. Jo is a marvelous dynamo of focused action: author, journalist, teacher, publisher, mentor. Her motto is ‘sharing what I know to help others to grow,’ and she lives it on a daily basis.

I figure if Jo’s doing it, then I should, too. The challenge will be good for me. Encourage me to use more brain cells. Make me stretch as a writer.

Now I could start fretting about how I’m going to make time to post daily, or wonder what on earth I’ll write about. I worry like that on a regular basis anyway, so that’s nothing new. Paranoia just kicked up a notch.

I post five days a week already. To some, going from five to seven would be a negligible increase. What’s a few more posts?

But for me, the difference between five and seven is more than two. It’s a gaping, cavernous gulf not easily hurdled.

There’s something about the word ‘daily’ that invites feelings of unease, insecurity, dread. I suspect that I am not alone in feeling this way.

But rather than focus on how difficult this might be, I’m going to just suck it up. I’m going to put my big girl panties on and go for it. 

Because I’d rather follow the lead of Daughter: just go do your best, have fun, learn something new, no big deal.

Those may be the words I’ve been telling her for a lifetime, but it is her living them that gives me confidence.

What sort of  ‘ultimate challenge’ are YOU undertaking? I’d love to hear!


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