Caution: Head-Banging Expat Onboard

I must say that we bloggers are an odd tribe.

In a perfect world we would sit down each day in our pristine, calming sanctuary of an office.

We would write for 17 minutes, turning out a perfectly  polished piece that accurately captures the nuances of some aspect of (at least in my case) expat life.

We would be left alone to crystalize our thoughts and conjure just the right words.

No one would interrupt us. No one would press us for anything. No would would add to our workload.

We would complete our blog post in time for an energizing, mid-morning latte.

Then we would sally forth to meet with fellow writers to debate the merits of fiction over non-fiction. We’d discuss indepth how the emergence of flash fiction does or doesn’t affect the short story, and whether the novella really is experiencing a resurgence.


That is sooooo far from the truth that that load of you-know-what couldn’t find it’s way to Veracity-ville with a GPS (or TomTom here in Nederland).

The truth is, as with most writers, we strive for long chunks of uninterrupted time but settle for a few minutes snatched here and there.

We tend to juggle multiple projects and work in different genres. Some of us also write fiction, some not. Short stories, novellas, flash fiction, poems. Articles for publication, in print and online. We might be working on a book project: memoir/life story, other non-fiction, or that elusive Holy Grail, the novel.

And we sure as hell are doing the million and one other things that make up anyone’s day. You know the drill : the litany of to and fro, here and there, hither and yon, this and that and other sundry tasks/errands/jobs/commitments that help keep life moving forward.

And you can bet that nobody has penciled in the services of an ‘on-call personal assistant fairy’ for us on those days we’re fortunate enough to be on a first-name basis with our muse.

Which is why I wanted to share with you wordgeyser’s post on joining the 30-day Ultimate Blog Challenge. Not just for the laughs, although they are in there.

But for capturing the underlying unease, nagging concern, or sheer unadulterated panic that comes with the daunting task of showing up daily. On the page. In front of the world.

Okay, maybe just a small part of the world. A tiny fraction. An infinitesimal amount.

But in front of (potentially) everybody. Out there, for all to see and judge and critique.

We spend an inordinate amount of time, energy and focus on our blogs because we understand the power of the medium to engage, explore, entertain, inform, share.

We appreciate the immediacy of response (or not) to our work. The satisfaction of finishing a tightly worded piece that fully conveys what we set out to share. The back and forth, ping-ponging of thoughts and comments from others offering feedback and insights and interesting twists.

In a word (or two), the conversation.

I love how wordgeyser ends:

‘I’m off to figure out a cunning plan of how the heck I’m going to do this. It will be a journey of self-discovery, finding and defining personal limits and head-banging frustration, along, no doubt, with several glasses of Albert Heijn’s best Pinot Grigio*.’

Let the head-banging begin!

*Duly noted and provisioned.


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