The Honesty of Ego

Once again, I am absolutely enthralled.

Completely, overwhelmingly captivated.

Sometimes a thought takes root in your mind, and there’s no letting it go.

This time it is with The Singing Warrior Niamh Ni Bhroin’s beautiful piece on Ego.

When we hear the word ego, most of us tend to think of the adjective: egocentric. Thinking only of yourself, not of others. Self-centered. Acting only in your self interest.

In fact, I’ve always liked Benjamin Franklin ‘s take on ego: ‘A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle’. Short, pithy, to the point.

But Niamh, as usual, has a slightly different take. She looks at ego as being the absolute best she can be. If you interact with your ego properly, it can help keep you honest.

She tells of giving two different readings of her new book (also The Singing Warrior), and while both went well on the surface, the truth was that at the first she had allowed ego to dominate her into retreating into victimhood.

Yet at the second, she resisted the lure of falling back into such old ways, and the result?

‘Ego stood with me but held my hand, and encouraged me to be the person I truly know I can be’.

The key for Niamh was that while she always examines her actions, she also focuses on her intent. The key is to keep them in sync.

When our actions are in alignment with our intent, we can almost always be proud of the results.


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