When It All Comes Together

Two days ago I wrote on the Honesty of Ego, based on Niamh Ni Bhroin’s recent post in which she interviews Ego.

Yesterday I took a well-earned rest from blogging and all manner of work.

I enjoyed an absolutely wonderful day with my brother and his family who are visiting from the US.

Het was mijn neefje’s verjaardag (it was my young nephew’s birthday), the weather was glorious, and together with Husband, Son and Daughter, we celebrated all that is good in families: caring, sharing, milestones, laughter and love.

So it only makes sense (to me, at least) that I would bookend such a lovely day with another post about Niamh.

Why? Because today mijn schoonzuster (my sister-in-law) and I were privileged to attend the test run-through of Niamh’s one-woman show ‘The Singing Warrior Live’, based on her book The Singing Warrior.

And I do mean privileged. How else do you describe being invited to share in someone’s public unveiling of their creative work, their story, their soul?

Some two dozen or so of Niamh’s friends and colleagues enjoyed a salon performance in our gracious host Kathy Voyles’ home.

Niamh put on a marvelous show, one that was thoughtfully laid out and well-staged with the aid of her producer Paulina Vanderbilt. She was accompanied by the incredibly talented musician Nicko Christiansen, whose skills and use of a range of instruments really helped bring Niamh’s story to life.

Perhaps the highlight, at least for me, was the inspiring duet Niamh sang with her teenaged daughter Oisin. I had goose bumps on my arms, it was that poignant. That beautiful.

As if that weren’t enough, afterwards Niamh treated us to a very rare gift. She chose to ask this audience of people who know and care for her an extremely tough question: ‘What should I do differently, what would you change?’

Putting one’s ego aside, and be willing to really listen to the comments and suggestions about one’s own creation, is much harder than it sounds.

Everyone there truly wants Niamh’s beloved show to be the very best it can be, so the critique was genuine and heartfelt. The comments were thoughtful and instructive.

A little later, as we enjoyed a delicious lunch in the garden, I reflected back on what I’d witnessed.

What I found very telling is that no one suggested removing a thing. The recommendations were all about adding this little piece here, a reference to that event there. More, not less.

Even more Niamh, to help share her story of rising above. Coming through on the other side. Prevailing.

I don’t want to ruin any surprises, but I can tell you this. When the show opens in a few months, it is going to be amazing.

Just like Niamh.


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