Proof You’re NEVER Too Old

[Credit: Photograph from I Am Expat, Article by Moa Thorssell]

When I saw the headline, I made a beeline to the story.

When I read the story, I knew immediately that I had to share it.

Simply had to.

The article by Moa Thorssell on I Am Expat tells of Gerrit Deems’ Defending His Doctoral Thesis.

Now, no surprise there. Students defend theses all the time. Years of hard work and determination are involved: reading, researching, thinking and writing.

Except that Gerrit is eighty nine years old.

Eighty nine.

And by the time you’re reading this, he should have received his Doctorate of Theology.

What an achievement.

Now if ever there were a story to completely blow the ‘you’re too old to (fill in the blank)’ argument out of the water, this is it.

I mean, how can you possibly claim you’re too old to achieve something you’ve always wanted, when an 89-year-old man never gave up on his quest for an advanced degree?

It makes me rethink a number of the goals I figuratively tossed into the waste basket because I figured I didn’t have time. I wasn’t young enough anymore. Too much else was going on.

If Gerrit could plug away, toiling all those years, striving for his dream, then who am I to give up that easily?

Who are any of us to admit defeat on our dreams, just call it a day??

Imagine what we could (and can) do if we loosen that grip on our existing priorities, and rethink what we believed we hadn’t the time for. If we showed even a fraction of the perseverance Deems did?

This is exciting!

I am not kidding when I say that this little headline, this little story, this little life lesson, has absolutely, positively inspired me.

So, what’s your excuse? 

What is it in your life that YOU have decided you’re too old (or too busy or not prepared, or whatever) to do? Please share, I’d really love to hear!


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