Ladies and Gentlemen, Gidday from the UK

It’s time to share another fabulous blog with you.

Take one Aussie lass who arrives in London town with a boatload of business experience and a blooming relationship with someone special.

Cue a few months down the road, and someone isn’t quite so special. But our brave heroine doesn’t fold up her tent and go home.

No, this Oz lass does what any self-respecting gal does: she stays, she settles in, she conquers.

Eventually a blog is launched and a star is born, which is definitely Mr. Not So Special Anymore’s loss and our gain.

Ladies and Gentlemen…introducing Gidday from the UK!

Kym spins lively yarns from the silly (Cupcakes and Champers…It’s Lush!) to the serious (Life’s Classroom) and (The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of) and everything in between. She certainly has a real knack for with statistics (Travel Broadens the Mind…Or So They Say) and (Travel Broadens the Mind…Flights of Fantasy). Statistics 101 back in university days would have been soooo much more interesting if Kym had provided the stats and corresponding analysis.

Many people set out to another country in the hopes of creating a new life for themselves. Not as many do it alone. Fewer still stick around in the face of setbacks; most give it a go for a couple years and call it a day.

Kym clearly comes from sturdier pioneer stock, and has not only stayed and carved out a rewarding life for herself halfway around the world from her roots, but has flourished. When a new post arrives I’m never quite sure what she’ll be writing about, but I know it will interesting, funny and from a unique perspective.

My week isn’t complete without regular shots of Gidday from the UK. It’s on my playlist. Why isn’t it on yours??

[Image credit: Michelle Meiklejohn portfolio 901 freedigitalphotos.net]


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