Stockholm Sun: Further North

Long before we ever moved abroad, we had always valued trekking around this vast planet we inhabit: taking in its wonder and beauty, visiting near and far, and appreciating a diverse array of cultures.

In the years since moving here to The Netherlands, we have traveled far and wide: it is a fixation, a priority, a need. We save our money and forego little indulgences and supposed ‘gotta-have-its’ to fund our travel stash for the next adventure.

We pull out the atlas, spin the globe, plant a finger on a map. Usually it’s to the south of us, sometimes to the east, and occasionally to the west. Only rarely has it been to the north.

Recently I wrote about savoring the longer hours of summer daylight here to remember in the darker days of winter (Storing Up the Sunlight).

It got me thinking about other places where the summer days are even longer and the winter days shorter. Places I refer to collectively as Further North. I’ve traveled to some of these, but must admit that it’s usually during what I personally consider their more appealing season.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy winter. I actually do. I grew up on the edges of the snow belt in upstate New York, so I know snow. And ice, frigid temperatures and wind chill.

I just need a little more light than Further North affords.

So in honor of some of these wonderful places I’ve visited, I thought I’d pull out some nice, sunny photos to share.

First up is Stockholm, Sweden. It’s a beautiful city of islands, harbor and architecturally diverse buildings on low bluffs overlooking the water. The buzz is a great juxtaposition of energizing, laid back, casual.

The last two photos show the channel leading into Stockholm’s harbor, full of nautical activity, and of a typical bluff dotted with summer homes. Which do you prefer: perched precariously on top or down on the coastline?


















































































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