Halfway Through 2011


It’s the end of July, which means summer is more than halfway over (gasp!).

More importantly, at least for purposes of this post, it means that we’re more than halfway through 2011. If we go by months, we have only 5/12 of the year remaining.

Damn. Dag.

As I think about 2011 and what this year has brought, I’ve found myself reflecting back on New Year’s resolutions.

Remember all those good intentions we made way back in December as we faced the fresh start of a new year?

Well, I do. I’m not sure what possessed me, but I decided at the time that public accountability demanded I share my list. So I wrote What I Don’t Need: My Eleven.

Thought I’d pull out my list of things I wanted to tackle in 2011, my New Year’s resolutions, and see how I fare.

So just exactly how am I doing on ‘my eleven’? Let’s review:

1. Procrastination.

Proud to say that I’ve made a fair bit of progress on this one. Sure, I do have my moments. But I can say that, for the most part, I’m in danger of losing my professional status; some days I’m only a recreational caliber procrastinator. I’d give myself a B+.

2. Clutter.

Ouch. While I have definitely become more organized in some areas (e.g., my writing desk and surrounding area, a couple closets), I’ve still got more to do. Just because I’ve straightened up that corner of our guest room that has become the default storage area doesn’t mean I’ve dealt with it. Sadly, a C-.

3. Harsh Words and/or Tone.

As I had explained, when I get tired and truly overwhelmed or am pushed too far, my patience wears thin and I get irritable. Sometimes I snap. Not often and not for long, but who doesn’t want to eliminate any harshness from their life? I’m actually doing pretty well with this one. I’ll say B.

4. Unnecessary, wasted time spent surfing the Internet.

Over time I had minimized my wanderings, but felt I could do better. And I have. Give the gal an A-!

5. Impatience.

I’ve always been keen to cultivate patience in my life, with room for improvement. Don’t know if this is genetic or cultural, but while I’ve improved a little, I’d still say I’ve a ways to go. B-.

6. Clothes more than 2 years old unless they’ve been worn recently.

This is woeful. Truly pitiful. I’ve probably culled through only 10% of what I need to. No way around it. This has to be an F+.

7. My three boxes of old photographs.

Need to go through them, scan what I keep, save safely online. Until I do that, no sense babbling about putting any in nice albums (digital and otherwise) to enjoy them. Flat out F.

8. Excess Books.

Have had good success weeding through old books we’ll never read again to donate them to school book sales. Son even sold some on Koninginnedag to raise funds for a school service project. Definitely an A-.

9. Costume Jewelry and Small Decorative Items.

Guess what? I still need to go through it all and keep only that which is sentimental or worn often enough. A pathetic F.

10. An old grudge or two.

I really do tend to assume the best in people and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I can honestly say I dropped one of the grudges completely, and thought I’d dealt with the second but it reared its ugly head (only in my mind, thankfully). I’ve been doing some hard thinking on it, working on acceptance, talking it over with a close friend, and am taking a couple steps that will prove to myself that I’m letting this one go for good. Let’s go with a B.

11. Unnecessary snacking.

I was pretty iffy in this area for most of the year until more recently when I really started to get tough. In general I eat pretty healthily, but I’ve been focusing on fewer snacks while improving food choices overall. Plus I’m finally cutting back on my beloved coffee (sigh) and transitioning to green tea while watching total caffeine. Averaging earlier behavior with more recent, it’s a B-.

Overall score so far? It averages out to a C. Almost a C-, but not quite. So a C.

Well, that certainly leaves plenty of room for improvement…

Image credit: Idea Go portfolio 809, freedigitalphotos.net


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