Group Trumps Solo


Papers, folders and notebooks piled on a desk with telephone

Look familiar?

Eight days into September and I can barely come up for air.

There was no easing into this month. Just wham! and we’re off to the races.

You’ll forgive me since, as an American, I’m used to having the first week of September as an easygoing adjunct to the steamy days of August.

It’s usually like dipping your toe into the water of work, recalling after a slower summer gait what fast-paced days are like. Before it can all seem to feel like ‘too much,’ we are saved by the national Labor Day holiday, affored one more chance to relax and prepare for the real start of autumn and all that entails.

Well, that all went out the window this year. I’ve been juggling a number of writing projects, doing research for my book on emotional resilience in expat life, and doing my best to ensure quality while dealing with quantity.

Forgive me if I looked around earlier this week and wondered where my Labor Day respite was. I know, living here in Nederland means I get the benefit of enjoying Dutch holidays. It’s just that I’m practically hard-wired to expect a day off in early September, so when I don’t get one it really shakes things up.

I’m not complaining, just explaining.

The point of all of this?

Sometimes you look at your work pile, the ‘to do’ list and outstanding obligations and groan. Even when you might actually enjoy working on the discrete pieces.

But sometimes, you are pleasantly reminded that change is good. Shaking things up can result in new perspectives. I had one such little epiphany yesterday.

Recently I joined Wordgeyser, Expatcalidocious, Jo Parfitt, The Singing WarriorHealth & Healing and a host of other talented folks in pitching in to help two creative visionaries on what promises to be an exciting new project here in The Hague.

There’s loads of work to be done, and launch is still several weeks away. In just a few short meetings ideas have been floated, topics have been vetted, work has been divvied up. We’re feeling our way as we go along, leaning on each other and getting to know each other’s strengths. Many minds are contributing, many hands are lightening the workload.

Yesterday’s meeting left us with more tasks and deadlines. I know that I’m a raging extrovert, so I thrive on the energy of interaction with others. Yet I couldn’t help but notice a sense of excitement as this committed group forges ahead to help make this concept real.

Working hard to create something? That’s energizing and incredibly rewarding.

Doing so as part of a savvy group? Even better. I’m just saying.


Image credit: mconnors, morguefile.com


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