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Look who's turning one!

Ahh, birthdays.

Such an important and loaded rite of passage, full of reflection on the year that has passed and promise for the one to come.

When we’re younger, we look forward to birthdays with all the joy and wonder of a child’s perspective.

We count down the days, dropping a sly hint or three to ensure that family members and close friends are aware and prepared.

Nothing is worse than having someone forget. We even clean up our adolescent act, reverting to our very best behavior so that we can deem ourselves worthy of the magical celebration to come.

As we get older, the celebrations themselves change as well. If we’re prone to wild, boisterous affairs, our birthdays tend to match. On the more introspective side? Then the passage of another year mirrors that.

Somewhere along the way we begin to look at birthdays with a little less wonder and a little more unease. The hands of the clock seem to be hurtling around; time appears to be flying, literally as well as figuratively.

Our annual day of assessment becomes more complicated as we lament what hasn’t happened or what hasn’t been done, all the while furtively calculating remaining time to do, experience, create, accomplish, enjoy.

In light of my love-hate relationship with birthdays, it’s rather amusing that I almost forgot this particular one. How it crept up on me, silently and stealthily.

Adventures in Expat Land is now a spritely one year old!

At times it seems like just yesterday that I was hitting the ‘publish’ button and launching what was and remains an adventure into the unknown.

At other times, I swear I’ve been doing this far longer than a mere twelve months.

When I began this journey, I had some ideas about what I wanted to do, say and share about living overseas. I’d done a little planning, and I suppose I had some modest unstated ‘goals’ in mind.

Two hundred and forty eight posts later, I can honestly say that I’ve done what I set out to do. It has taken off in ways I hadn’t expected, brought me in contact with such an array of fascinating people I hadn’t known, and has been the launching pad for so much more than I could have imagined.

Has launching and supporting this site changed me? I think so. Despite the sizeable irony involved, it’s never really easy to open up and share pieces of who you are.

Like a child, I’m thrilled and excited by the twists and turns and opportunities that have arisen from writing this blog about the vagaries of expat life. As an adult, I am appreciative and humbled by its reception. I’m mindful of how much I’ve grown and stretched and learned, and exceedingly grateful for your kind and generous support.

While it may sound trite, I truly do thank you all for stopping by, reading, commenting, sharing, linking, tweeting, liking, reposting. I recall reading somewhere that many blogs bite the dust within six months, so to enjoy a steadily increasing build up of support from around the world has been a wonderful affirmation that I’m getting more right than not.

So thank you. Thank you very much indeed. It means a lot.


Well it’s certainly been an adventure, that’s for sure. I’d like to think that Adventures and I are both better for the passage of the past year, and that our best is still yet to come.

Image credit: Digitalart, freedigitalphotos.net


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