Riveting Expat Reads: Celebrating @Home in Dubai


Cover of @Home in Dubai book on www.adventuresinexpatland.com

The new must-have book for Dubai


Congratulations to cyber friend and talented writer Anne O’Connell who has just done what only a small percentage of people ever do: write a book and have it published!

Despite being launched just two days ago, Anne’s book, @Home in Dubai: Getting Connected Online and On the Ground, is now the must-have book for anyone who has just arrived in or is preparing to move to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.  

This well researched book published by Jo Parfitt’s Summertime Publishing has a convenient layout, and is packed with the kind of indepth, useful and up-to-date information that can help even the newest of expat newbies settle in like a pro.

Fear not: this is no dull, dry book dispensing rehashed facts and tired tips. Instead, Anne figured out what is truly important and enfused it with energy and interest to keep you turning the pages even if you aren’t Dubai-bound.

The key word that summarizes @Home in Dubai is connectedness, and she makes sure you get the information needed to feel connected in all sorts of ways.

She began by going directly to the source(s) to get the most helpful, up-to-the-minute information available by administering the @Home in Dubai Survey to dozens of current expats living there. The respondents were a great mix ranging from fairly new expats with transition experiences fresh in their minds to seasoned long-timers with loads to share to smooth the way and the ability to put it all into perspective.

Impressive as the extensive depth and breadth of information covered (and believe me, it is impressive) – visas, work permits, UAE national identity card, driver’s license, driving, renting or buying property, utilities, banking, health care, cell phones and internet connectivity, wi-fi hot spots, getting children settled, schools, dealing with pets, professional and social groups, starting a business, working at home, sports, volunteerism, shopping and more  – what is even better is the manner in which Anne shares it. 

Each chapter includes an explanation of how things are done in Dubai (for example, how to register a car or shop online), where to go and what to do. But she doesn’t just stop there: she includes a section on Practicalities with tidbits of info you’ll need to know, a Five-Step Recap to summarize the highlights, and a Wrap-Up section to ensure you are ready to go out and get things done.

Additionally, she weaves into every single chapter numerous tips and short but insightful case studies from real people describing real experiences and insights in their own words. The back of the book is full of additional resources to consider.

Finally, I cannot emphasize enough the sheer level of information Anne has loaded into this book. The accumulated websites alone are worth their weight in gold, not only because there are literally hundreds of them (and there are), but because she’s done the tough work and weeded out the less helpful, giving only those that she and other Dubai expats like her have found to be the ones they’ve relied on to get things settled straight away.

If you or someone you know are thinking about a possible move to Dubai, do not hesitate to pick up a copy. @Home in Dubai is everything you could possibly need in a single book to help you arrive, survive and thrive in Dubai.

You can catch Anne on her sites http://anne-writingjustbecause.blogspot.com/ or  www.globalwritingsolutionsonline.com and www.athomeindubai-gettingconnected.com or on Twitter as @AnnetheWriter or on her Facebook page Global Writing Solutions Online http://www.facebook.com/globalwritingsolutionsonline 



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