Marrying Work, Art and Issues for Change

When I sat down to write this morning, I was all set to tell a different story. That is, until I saw this video.

It’s a short trailer of Corban Addison discussing his new book A Walk Across the Sun.

Set primarily in India, Addison’s novel addresses the issue of human trafficking. The plot centers around two sisters sold into slavery in the sex trade and the young, disillusioned lawyer who decides ‘enough is enough’ and seeks to help them.

From time to time I write about various issues plaguing our world and the human condition, including trafficking and slavery (Human Trafficking: The Ugly Truths and Silence is Shameful: Luke Dowler and International Justice Mission).

I do so to help share information because I know firsthand that awareness can spark interest in learning more about a subject. Knowledge, in turn, can inspire action. The actions of one join with the actions of many, and can lead to change.

Open eyes plus voices raised combined with actions taken CAN help make a difference. The results can be overwhelming.

There are many reasons why I am personally moved to write about trafficking and slavery. Initially there is a visceral reaction to the unspeakable horrors and depraved and deplorable conditions to which the victims are subjected. The pain and suffering are unimaginable.

As the mind starts to wrap around the concept of slavery, I experience an innate rebellion against the thought that so many people are subjected to the loss of the very freedoms I take for granted.

Add in gratitude for the life with which I have been so fortunately blessed, mix it up, and it all makes for a strong incentive to become involved.

I know intuitively that it could just as easily be me. Whether you believe you were born in the circumstances you were due to fate, karma, God’s will, luck or a cosmic crap shoot is a personal choice.

But one thing I know, really know deep in the very core of my being, is that it is not because I am somehow more worthy or deserving than others. Knowing that I have been fortunate enough to have escaped this and other horrors spurs me to action.

But still, why this issue among so many?

Simply put, NIMBY. The old ‘not in my back yard’ mindset.

Far too many people still believe human trafficking and sexual/economic slavery only happen to others. Some may realize that it exists, but they think it only happens ‘somewhere else’ in the world.

They fail to understand that it is happening, on a daily basis, in their own communities. Urban AND rural. Wealthy AND poor. In developed AND developing countries.

Corban Addison has married his art (writing) and livelihood (lawyer and author/writer) to this pressing issue to become a change agent. If you check out International Justice Mission’s Facebook page, you’ll see that others have come up with a host of clever and inspiring ways they, too, are taking action for change.

One thing that caught my eye (I am a writer, after all), is that for the first time ever, bestselling crime and mystery author John Grisham has given his professional endorsement to an author. Not surprisingly, it’s Addison and his book.

The trailer, sponsored by International Justice Mission, takes only 3 minutes of your time to watch.  But I bet in doing so, many of you will be inspired to take some form of action.

Whether it’s sharing the video or this post, learning more about trafficking/slavery and those who make it their mission to fight them, donating or raising money or otherwise increasing awareness, thank you. The world needs more voices, more action.

And if not on this issue, then perhaps on one of your choosing. There are plenty of worthy causes just waiting for another person to pitch in and do what they can to help.





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