Spring Cleaning? Grab Your Bucket

Lately there’s been a fair amount of change going on behind the scenes here at Adventures in Expat Land, and it dawned on me that I ought to share some of it with you.

Like you, I lead a fairly busy life. One that’s full of family, work projects, friends, activities and interests. Add to that the more mundane stuff of everyday life that helps keep a family and household running, and the list gets longer.

Drawing of woman lamenting the need to make dinner nightly on www.adventuresinexpatland.com

Kim Stiles; Motivation for Moms

I think the wonderfully talented folks at someecards.com (via Kim Siles of the Facebook Page Motivation for Moms) have accurately captured my feelings toward certain repetitive chores.

Even someone like me, who happens to enjoy cooking, reaches a point where planning, shopping and making dinner gets a little old after awhile.

I’m just saying.

And like you, I’m still bound by the limited hours in a day. You’d think that after all this time, with the advance of technology and the wealth of great minds roaming this earth that by now someone would’ve figured out how to squeeze in more than the 1,440 measly minutes available to us daily.

Basically, you’ve got one bucket. Not two, not four, just one.

You can keep adding things to the bucket, but at some point the bucket is full. No matter how you try to wedge in one more piece, it just doesn’t work. If you want to add something new, you first have to take a few items out of the bucket.

In my case, this has meant reviewing priorities and making a few changes. In order to do some new things, I’ve been finishing up a few little projects, shuffling some things around, saying no to certain opportunities, and making some changes to the ongoing writing commitments I have.

And just like you, it’s all part of the balancing act that is life.

One of the fun new things I’ve added to my bucket as part of this reprioritization is being one of the monthly columnists at ExpatFocus.com.

To welcome me onboard, the nice folks at Expat Focus (I’m looking at you Carole) asked me to also do an interview for their Expat Experiences section. Here’s my Expat Experience, you’ll find it under the Netherlands.

It’s March, time for some spring cleaning. What are you doing with YOUR bucket??




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