Stellar Stonehenge

[Updated Mar 10, 2013]

On a recent trip to England I had the opportunity to experience one of the items on my own personal bucket list: a visit to Stonehenge. And may I just say that it was everything I’d hoped it would be, and more.

Competing theories abound as to the origination and purpose of Stonehenge: the massive Saren stones are thought to be markers for summer and winter solstices and equinoxes, anciet astronomical site, a giant lunar and solar calendar of eclipses, pagan ‘house’ of worship, place of human and/or animal sacrifice, ancient burial ground. (Daughter informs me I must add site of alien landings to the list.)

I can only tell you this: when I approached it, I felt an overwhelming sense of awe and positive energy. If you know me personally, you’ll believe me when I say that the latter were not a result of my eagerness and excitement to visit this world renowned site.

I felt a very strong positive ‘vibe,’ almost a rush of energy as I worked my way around the monumental site. Halfway around, the energy dissipated. It wasn’t replaced by anything negative or sinister or scary. It just stopped.

Standing on top of that wind-swept plain, I could only imagine what the dark night sky and the moon, stars and planets must have looked like all those centuries ago.

photo of Stonehenge on Adventures in Expat Land








It was stellar, in every sense of the word.



Mar 10, 2013 Update: Now it seems proof Stonehenge is actually a burial site for ‘elites’ has been unearthed (pun intended):


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