Shanghai’s Calling You

Do you hear it? That siren song, mystically seeping into your conscious mind, drawing you closer with each lilting syllable.

That’s Shanghai’s calling.

Shanghai wants you.

Yes, you.

Actually, Shanghai Calling wants lots of us. They’re conducting an expat story contest, and the winner gets to travel to an upcoming international film festival.

movie promotion image for Shanghai Calling on www.adventuresinexpatland.com

Recently I was contacted by one of the folks supporting Shanghai Calling, asking if I’d join other expat/global nomad/serial wanderer and travel bloggers in helping to get the word out about a new expat stories contest they’re conducting.

Let’s see…movie about expats…incredible setting of Shanghai…seeking tales of real expat adventures…

Yep, I’m in.

Shanghai Calling is a heartwarming, independent film written and directed by Dan Hsia about the adventures and experiences  of a small, diverse group of American expats in Shanghai.

It centers around the story of newly arrived business lawyer Sam (played by Daniel Henney), employed by a global legal services firm. Sam’s been sent to China by his corporate bosses to help seal a lucrative deal.

Not surprisingly, he encounters the shock of cultural confusion as West meets East.

Here, have a look at the movie trailer. The film’s already gaining acclaim worldwide, winning several awards at previous film festivals.

As the business arrangement starts to unravel, Sam must rely on the merry band of odd characters/fellow expats he’s come to know and trust.

I even like the tagline: ‘Sometimes the language you don’t speak is the one that speaks to you.’

This includes a talented, recognizable cast including Bill Paxton, Alan Ruck, Geng Le as the storied ‘fixer’ Awesome Wang, Zhu Zhu as Sam’s indispensable office assistant and Eliza Coupe as relocation specialist and potential romantic interest Amanda.

Yes, you read that correctly: relocation specialist.

See? They’ve done their homework. Okay, perhaps some most relocation specialists don’t offer the range of services Amanda does, or end up falling for their clients, but hey…it’s cinematic license.

The point is that it’s impressive that the filmmakers even knew what a relocation specialist is, let alone make one a character integral to this movie’s plot.

Now they’re looking for creative, original stories of expat adventure by real global nomads, past and present. And I know you each have a story or three that are humorous, touching, unusual or just plain odd.

If you have a true story about traveling, studying or living abroad, consider regaling everyone with a YouTube videocast of up to 3 minutes. (Don’t worry, they’re extremely easy to make, no need to be techno-phobic.)

The contest deadline is July 6th (Pacific Daylight Time), and you can check out the rules of the contest on the Shanghai Calling website.

Is Shanghai calling you?

Well then, what are you waiting for?

Hop over to YouTube, film a short video of your expat story, and answer.

[Image credit: Americatown LLC, shanghaicalling.com]


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