Shared Transitions

Behind the scenes I’ve been working on a number of posts about what’s been going on and what I’ve been up to these past weeks and months.

It’s been a whirlwind of motion, a cacophony of change, some tough moments scattered among positive and uplifting ones, along with the more mundane. (Is there ever a time when moving isn’t exhausting?)

Those posts cover a range of topics, but at the core most deal with with one of the trickiest words in the English language: transition.

We spend our lives entering into, going through, and coming out of transitions. One after another. Over and over again.

Some are intensely personal while others include family members, friends, colleagues. Some are short-lived, others more complicated and can drag on for what seems like forever.

Some transitions are large and unwieldy, others limited, quick and to the point. Some are more emotionally challenging while others are more physically draining. But they’re all transitions nonetheless.

I’ve experienced overwhelming, multi-layered transitions lately, am still standing and have learned a lot. But I’ve set aside those other posts for another day.

On a day like this which holds such personal meaning for me,* I realized I needed a day to retreat, reflect and remember. I’ll be thinking about those events twelve years ago, and all that has changed in my life and those of so many others in the intervening years.

Mostly I’ll be thinking about people. Those we lost in moments of utter terror and depraved violence, and in the aftermath that has followed. I’ll be thinking about two former colleagues, their faces forever frozen in my mind, smiling and dedicated and tremendously talented, gone in an instant. I’ll be remembering so many others, brave, amazing, unsuspecting people who woke up that morning not realizing how their world would be turned upside down. I’ll be cataloging the pain, loss, sadness and grief.

And I’ll be remembering those with whom I experienced that dark day. It’s like a newsreel running in my head, images of people, scenes, action, emotions. We share a bond which, although forged in destruction, remains indestructible.

Life changed that day, for each of us, and the ripples are still being felt.

With every year that passes, we are carried further along the chronological continuum of time. The distance grows but we always remember. We heal, but never forget.

I’ve come to see that we share a transition – one which is and will likely remain unfinished. We are forever linked, and our transition goes on.

~  ~  ~

*For those wishing more on the back story, you might consider We Endure, Broken Shards, and 9/11 Cultural Insensitivity 101.


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